Dog Boarding


Check-In times are:  
7am- 6pm on Monday-Friday
8am- 4pm on Saturday
11am- 4pm on Sunday 

Upon check-in, each Resort guest is taken into the hospital treatment room where they are weighed and checked for fleas and ticks. If any parasites are found, the guest is treated immediately, at the owner's expense, before being placed in the common areas to prevent an outbreak.

Regular Check-Out:
7am- Noon on Monday- Friday
8am- Noon on Saturday
11am-Noon on Sunday

*Late Check-Out: 
Noon - 6 pm, Monday-Friday
Noon - 4 pm, Saturday-Sunday
 *Late Check-Outs will be charged for that day.

Per Night Options

Luxury Suites


  • Our pampered guests will be provided 2-3 individual potty breaks outside for a breath of fresh air with our Animal Care Technicians.  A Flat Screen TV with pet-friendly movies plays in the room and is on rotation with different movies throughout the day.  There are 6 rooms in each “pod” or area for maximum attention & minimal noise. For a minimal fee, guests have the opportunity to discuss with others from Main Street and Loft as to how great their stay is in Luxury during Play group.

Standard Suites

  • A Standard Suite is the place to be when wanting the best for less.  Included is 2 individual potty breaks outside with our Animal Care Technicians.  Many guests love seeing each other and discussing the entertainment for the day if participating in our play group sessions.  Play group sessions available for a minimal fee.

Additional Guest Discounts
Discounts apply to Per Night Options if all pets board in same kennel:

  • Multiple Pets (in same kennel) = 25% off*

* Pets MUST be able to eat together unsupervised to qualify.

Play time Options

Play Group:  
$14/every other day

Guests love to see, interact, play, and really have a blast during their resort stay.  Our Animal Care Technicians provide our guests an opportunity to interact for 4 hours with others that arrive just for our Doggy Day Care program.  Activities include bubbles, abstract art, sports day, story time, and lazy day.

Individual Play:  
$18/every other day

We understand some guests prefer to be by themselves and interacting with the other guests would just be bothersome.  Our Animal Care Technicians provide 40 minutes of activities which are the same as group, but since one-on-one it makes for a very entertaining and fun-filled time!


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