Pet Products

St. Francis offers a few products in store to help keep your pet healthy, happy, and fed!

Purina Prescription Diets

From gastrointestinal support to weight management, Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets are formulated with the well-being of pets in mind. Discuss with your veterinarian which diet is the best fit for your pet.

Greenies Pill Pockets

The #1 Vet-Recommended Choice for Giving Pills* One of the best ways to get your dog to take medicine is to hide the pill inside a tasty treat. GREENIES® PILL POCKETS® Treats have built-in pouches to easily hide pills and ensure your dog takes their medication. These all-natural treats are a healthier alternative to using human foods, because they have fewer calories and less fat and sodium. Make pill-giving more enjoyable for both you and your dog.

All Natural.  We carry 4 flavors: Chicken, Hickory (beef), Duck + Green Pea (hypoallergenic), & Peanut Butter.

Omega 3 Liquid

Potent fish oil supplement in liquid form that contains a pure source of omega 3 fatty acids to help maintain healthy skin, joints, and organs.


Nutritional supplement with proteins, vitamins, and minerals to mix with your pet food.


High quality, researched ingredients to help support cartilage matrix production and protect against cartilage breakdown in your pet.

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